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One of the ideas from the scrum meeting yesterday was to create a  repository of videos that address questions concerning anything related to the district office.  As a teacher and now at the district,  I frequently have questions that I’m not sure where to go for the answer.  The idea for this repository came up at yesterday’s scrum meeting.

The questions we answer in the scrum meeting are:

  1. What is a victory you had in the last 24 hours?
  2. What are you working on in the next 24 hours?
  3. What are the challenges?

One of the most helpful parts of the scrum meeting is when someone talks about their challenges.  It gives other departments the opportunity to offer support and helps everyone to get a sense of the different departments and their roles at the district office.  It also sometimes can give an idea about why things happen the way they do.

Creating this network of support and understanding of each other’s roles in the district has been really informative and productive for those who are in the room, but what about people who can’t be there?  In order to address that challenge, and to make the information more portable to teachers, students, parents, leaders from school sites, and people in the community, we are in the process of developing a single place where people can find some answers to those questions.

A couple of questions already on the list are, “How to we get subs for PD?”, or “How are money decisions made in the district?”  These are questions that as a teacher, I asked all the time, but did not ever quite know where to go to get the answers.  I’m so excited that we are thinking about this, and that our district is making this effort to be more transparent and accessible to everyone!  On a side note, this is the kind of magic that happens at scrum meetings, questions are answered, problems are solved, and solutions are sought after.  Can’t wait for Monday’s meeting!  

 The list of questions is being created, so if you have any you would like to add, let us know!


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