Where to Begin?

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Yesterday, I had no clue Wes would call on me to write a song for the upcoming Science Live Show that will occur tomorrow. I scoffed at the idea for several minutes but soon realized in his fatherly tone that he was serious. Really, I hate the idea of writing a song, but I do love the process and the end result, usually; there’s just something unsettling about not knowing where to begin.

But I had to begin, so I began with the word “science,” just a little seed to allow the idea to take root. And there in that seed, a lesson realized. I just want the result, the satisfaction of having a working product, but unfortunately, I don’t get to start with an end result, so I embraced and loved the seed, as seeds must precede.

The little seed started to sprout. Additional words were thought up, reordered, Jessica added to the rhyme scheme, a beat was added, then Brad’s talents joined in on the action, then it just took off. The amazing thing about seeds, their potential to grow into something more, something beautiful, and that’s exactly what happened with this seed. This seed became a most beautiful song (or something like that).

So, here is a sneak peek.

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