The Value of Timed Responses

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As Wes mentioned in his post, today we came back from our weekend and participated in an exercise where someone asked a question and each of us answered it on a whiteboard.  Wes timed our writing, and when the timer was up, we held up our answers.  I really appreciate the fact that Wes gives us the opportunity to practice communicating our ideas clearly and efficiently on a regular basis.  

I would like to share my answers with you to all three of the questions.  I found this check-in exercise that Wes did much easier to do than blogging.  I think it was easier for me because I didn’t have very much time to think and I just had to write what came to my mind.  I’m trying to do this when I blog as well, a little less thinking, and just see what happens.  What’s the worst that can happen?  I might just get a few more hours of sleep!  Seriously though, I am trying to find the balance between thinking too much about the writing and not thinking at all. This is a great exercise that can help me get closer to that goal. So here are my answers to the questions with just a couple minutes to respond:

Question #1:”How do you feel after the weekend about our live YouTube show?”


Question #2: “How can we share the supportive, sharing culture we find in scrum meetings and team debriefs with teachers and students at sites?”

IMG_0271 2

Question #3 “If you were looking back on this time a year from now, and said,’Don’t miss that opportunity,’ what opportunity would that be?”


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