Water, Not Gasoline, on Fires

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Let’s be honest, most teachers use gasoline on fires, but you need to use water. Inevitably, your school site will introduce several new initiatives for the new year, and inevitably you will deal with frustrated teachers. It’s very important that you, as a leader, use water, rather than gasoline when teachers express their frustrations. You really do have the power to calm the storm. Rather than joining them in their frustration, choose to seek a solution for them. If you believe in solutions and are passionate about learning, you can find a way to fight fires.

I can’t help but recall last year’s Canvas LMS roll out at Mendez. Basically, anything that could go wrong actually did go wrong, it was the epitome of Murphy’s Law. The network was down, and when the network’s down, teacher get upset, and that’s putting it lightly. However, I must give them some credit, most teachers took the initiative to find the guest network; but unfortunately, that only lead to a new issue, as teachers could not access their Canvas account on that guest network. Long story short, it was awesome, and by awesome, I mean miserable. We had just adopted Canvas as a district, and we were not off to the best of starts. People were looking to me as to what to do. I had no clue, but I offered them Starbucks and simple suggestions (not related to the issue). Basically, I tried to use humor, as I could not solve the issue. I did advise patience. Patience with a mix of humor went a long way. Lucky, the network was up and running the next day.

If you find yourself in a similar situation at your site, remind those in the midst of frustration that everything will be ok. If it’s not resolved today, then it will most likely be resolved tomorrow, and if not, it’s still all good. Actually, I’m not sure exactly how you should respond, but I am sure you should not add gasoline to the fire, please use water.

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