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I don’t pay enough attention to the details of what others say; therefore, the following is based on true events.

Most people who know me are aware of my love for Starbucks. Actually, I’m kind of a little famous when it comes to the Bucks. Check out the “Meet Some of the Biggest Fans of Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay” post from the Starbucks Newsroom. Did you click and read? I told you.

As big a fan as I am of Starbucks, I don’t really care much for anything else about the company, other than making sure I can efficiently purchase a Venti Flat White every morning, so I didn’t give any thought to the new Starbucks sleeve on Friday morning. I did, however, notice it was different. I go to Starbucks for the coffee, so there was just no chance I’d spend any time exploring this new sleeve. To me, the sleeve serves one purpose, and that’s to protect my hand from heat.

Nery had quite a different experience with the Starbucks sleeve. She brought one of these sleeves to our Stand Up Circle meeting. It’s the second time I’d seen that new sleeve. When it was Nery’s time in the circle, she said that she wanted to share something she noticed, something that reminded her of our Stand Up Circle meetings, and something that made her feel a sense of pride. She went on to say that she appreciates the circle meetings because she loves the commitment to engage with others, voluntarily, in order to support one another. She said this inspiration came from the new Starbucks sleeve, which says, “upstander (n): a person who acts to make positive change.”


According to Nery, the word upstander applies to those in the Stand Up Circles because of the commitment not only to listen to one another, but to actually help by actively looking for and even providing potential solutions. In other words, those in the circle act to make positive change, making them upstanders.

I’ve thought about Nery’s words qutie a bit these last few days. Personally, I hope I am an upstander. Although, I don’t know that I am. I think it’s quite challenging to obtain the upstander status. The word “acts” in that definition really convict me. Of course, I want to make positive change, but it’s quite something else to “act” in order to make that change happen. There’s a price, a risk, a sacrifice.

I am so thankful that Nery takes the time to notice the small things. As a result, my Starbucks coffee will serve as a daily reminder that it takes action to make positive change. I’m sure one day Starbucks will change their sleeve again, but I never noticed what was written on the sleeve anyway, so any sleeve should do.

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