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Yesterday, as we were discussing topics for a social media presentation, Wes brought up the analogy of a garden.  We decided to run with it and here’s how we related social media to tending to a garden.

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1.Plant a seed

  • Choose a platform.  There are several options including instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, linked-in, and others like whatsapp and vine.  For a list of 20 popular social media sites right now, go to this Small Business Trends site.
  •  Have a separate social media account for your school, department, or business.  Here’s why.  When you leave, you can just give the admin rights to the next person, and people can continue to follow the business.

2. Provide the nutrients:

  • Post often enough that you are able to look at trends.  If you are only posting once a week, or month, it doesn’t allow you to see when peak times and days are for posting, or your follower’s preferences.
  • Use photos to tell your story.  It could be photos from unsplash for a blog, or pictures you take throughout the day of your work.  Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to document what your doing throughout the day with pictures, and you’ll be surprised at the great posts that can come from it.

3.Check the soil:

  • Look at the analytics.  Look at formal metrics including data that the site provides as an admin, including high traffic times, page views, percentages, new verses returning visitor etc.  Informal metrics can be used as well including word of mouth, people talking about what they’ve seen on your pages.  Sometimes likes, for instance is not an accurate representation of the influence of your posts.

4. Garden together:

  • Invite others to participate.  Inviting guest bloggers, comments, and discussions around diverse topics gives a space to collaborate and it creates community.  
  • Use people’s strengths and share admin rights.  This will allow for a variety of topics and perspectives to be shared, which creates a ripe community culture.

5. You don’t know until you go!” Bryan Davis

  • When we began the 20 day blogging challenge inspired by Gary Vaynerchuck, I was new to the 21 Century Learning department and, to be honest, I was a  little nervous about writing for an audience.  It’s still not easy, but I do know that just “going” has created so many unexpected takeaways that I could not have imagined.  Showing our work over time not only creates an archive for ourselves, but it allows others to go on the journey with us, and to realize that sometimes the beauty is in the process, not just the product.

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