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It was a packed Friday for the SAUSD. Here’s a quick summary of the role Team 21C played:

  1. Start the day right with a Venti Flat White from Starbucks
  2. Question of the day. The answer, Michigan
  3. Conference call with the mindfulness guy (sorry, I forgot his name)
  4. Review, share, create, and rehearse elements of the plan for our brand new 21C Show (Yes! Team 21C sang a song together)
  5. Learned Jessica can sing (and sing well)
  6. Scrum Meeting
  7. Sandra, the intern, presents her own Breakout Edu design
  8. Joe, Sandra’s brother and also an intern, tackles the Zaption to Playposit transfer
  9. Lunch with Team 21C, which includes interns Sandra and Joe (it was their last day)
  10. Return to the office for a touching farewell dedicated to Assistant Superintendent Michelle Rodriguez
  11. Final prep for the 21C Show
  12. The debut of the Live 21C show
  13. FIND Debrief with Team 21C and Nereida
  14. Support Breakout Edu game at Valley (only to find out it’s cancelled)
  15. Realize the audio did not record on the live 21C show
  16. Edit/Remix the 21C show in order to capture the audio we had missed (great job Wes for deciding to use another camera)
  17. End the day right with a Venti Flat White from Starbucks (½ Decaf)
  18. Make this list
  19. Share it

The best part about this day (and really, this job), I don’t work in isolation. When I interviewed for the 21C TOSA position, I got the impression that this department works as a team. However, I really didn’t know what it would be like once the job actually started. Would working as a team be a reality? After two months, I can confidently claim that teamwork is a priority. The intentionality Wes brings to ensure we are working effectively as a team is crazy, and it’s way beyond any of my hopeful expectations.

Something else has occurred that I didn’t anticipate. The team expands beyond Team 21C. For example, almost half of the list provided above involved interactions with other departments. In this post, I keep referring to Team 21C, but I’ve really come to understand that it’s all about Team SAUSD! To that point, I’d like to give a quick shout out to Daniel Allen. He has really taken initiative by organizing daily Scrum meetings. These meetings are energizing, empowering, and most importantly, not required and open to anyone. Read more about Scrum from Daniel’s post on this blog, or if you work in the SAUSD, come join us at the next Scrum meeting.

I didn’t really know what working at the district office would be like. Before I started, I wondered if I had committed my life to the dark side. I know it’s only been two months, but I can honestly say it’s been a joy so far. I’m very impressed with the commitment and the passion of Team SAUSD.

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