Superintendent sighting!

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Today, while I was at Godinez high school, in Mr. C’deBaca’s class, I got a text from my husband (Tom Morris) who teaches at McFadden Intermediate School that read “Superintendent Sighting!” with a picture of his classroom, like the one above.

And then, there was a facebook post also showing his classroom


So his classroom is at the top, and you can sort of see him in the background standing there.  I thought that was pretty cool.  He said she was really nice, and stayed for about 20 minutes watching what they were doing and interacting with the students.

The picture he sent and the many other social media posts throughout the day, meant a lot to  me. As the day began I was thinking about him and many of my other friends and family who had their first day back today as teachers and I couldn’t wait to call them to hear how it went.  Until I got a chance to call, however, I was able to look on social media to get a glimpse into their day and connect with them anyway.  I hope everyone had a wonderful first day back!!





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