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On Friday, we went to McFadden to film our live youtube show, which highlights some of our favorite lines from each other’s posts throughout the week.  Originally, we were going to go to a different school each Friday and challenge the students to produce the show and make it better than the week before. Instead, we decided to stay with the same group of students at one school for about 4-6 weeks and teach them all of the parts of producing a live show.  The goal is for them to then be able to go to the next school and teach those students how to do the same thing, without much help from us.  Ultimately,  multiple groups of students at different school sites will know and be able to teach all of the technical aspects of producing their own live shows.  

Our first day with the McFadden students started with a circle, where we all introduced ourselves, and talked about something we remembered from the day.  Norma Lomeli, and Thomas Morris, both Project Lead the Way teachers, joined the circle and stayed to watch their students learn.  After the students chose if they wanted to learn about sound or video, Wes and Bryan started teaching.  Neither of them went very long explaining anything without asking the students questions, or having them interact with the devices in some way.  The interactions were natural, the students asked really thoughtful questions, and engagement was effortless.

After the show, we ended again with a circle, and we used the F.I.N.D. protocol to debrief the time we spent together.  During the decisions part of the debrief, some students decided that they would  go home and research some of the technical aspects of the show and how to make it better.  Also, during the internal connections part of the protocol one student said that she was grateful to be a part of what we are doing.  The F.I.N.D. activity really gives us insight into what the students are thinking, feeling, and remembering about our time together, and it creates a feeling of connectedness among the group.

Each time we come, we will hand off more and more of the responsibility to the students, until they are running the show on their own.  I am excited to watch this group of students learn and grow over the next few weeks, and I am especially grateful to be a part of the process.

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