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Today we went over to Valley High School to do a Breakout with Nery Prado and some of her former students from high schools all across the district.  Nery wanted to get students together to build a breakout game for teachers and students at the LCAP and Gate Conferences, with the idea that it would be much more meaningful for the game to be built by students.  So today she invited the students to try out a game, and see if they wanted to “accept the challenge” of making a game for hundreds of others in the district.

Nery and I both agreed that it was so fun watching the students and their excitement as they cracked the code for a lock that got them closer to “breaking out.”  For those unfamiliar with Breakout games, the students are given 45 minutes to use clues to unlock all of the locks that help them break into a box.  Each game has a story, and for this one, the students were told that they had 45 minutes to break into the box and retrieve the antidote for saving the world from zombies.

IMG_0452 3

The students were naturally engaged in the game, and this group of students were determined not to use their hint cards. We did a F.I.N.D. debrief in a circle at the end with the students, and the students had a deep level of insight about their own group dynamics, and many discovered new things about themselves.  It really was a great time, and I’m glad Nery asked us to be a part of it with her.  I’m also really excited to see the kids next Tuesday because they accepted the challenge!  So, next week they will be building their own game for others in the district, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.


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