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A Thought on Improving the Hybrid Courses

Perhaps we need to be intentional about telling our students’ stories.

The Voice is so much more than a singing show; it masters the art of telling stories. I feel for the 30-year-old journeyman who’s been struggling to make it into the industry, I empathize with the artist whose addiction keeps him from reaching his full potential, I cheer for the mother who prioritized her children over her aspirations and is now finally able to pursue her dream, and I’m amazed by the crazy talented 15-year-old who just may be the next star. The bottom line here, The Voice understands the importance of telling stories, and I’m hooked.

What if we could tell students’ stories in the hybrid courses? What if we could listen to their history, their preferences, their struggles, and their dreams? What if we documented these stories and incorporated them into the hybrid courses?

Team 21C is asking these questions, but you never know until you go, so we decided to go. The video below is a slice of that effort.




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