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Top to bottom, we all complain about meetings.  But if we all wish we didn’t have so many of them, why can’t we seem to do anything about it?  We like to be meeting victims, but don’t seem to want to give up control when we’re the ones calling the meeting.

So we’re experimenting, again, with a stand-up scrum meeting.  The idea is to keep the energy high, make the conversation doggedly focused on action, and work together as a team to remove obstacles and propel the work forward.  We’ve adopted a pretty simple format:
– stand in a circle, with someone at the white board to jot down notes
– each person takes a few minutes to discuss their highest priority projects, and what they hope to accomplish in the next 24 hours
– then each person shares obstacles to making progress, allowing team members the chance to provide insight and offer to help remove obstacles
Sometimes it can feel strange, coming into a space with colleagues and standing in a circle, instead of arraying ourselves around a table with computers and notepads in hand.  I certainly felt a bit awkward at first.  But as the conversation deepened, I could only think, “why don’t we collaborate like this more often.” Energy and engagement seemed high.
On the downside, it still took us 40 minutes to make it through everyone, and that was with just 6 participants.  We’re committed to getting faster and efficient, but it was a nice place to start.
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