Smiles Matter, Right?

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I love smiles! I came across some pics I had taken from Tuesday’s Breakout Edu experience at Valley High School. I noticed that many of the pictures included students smiling.


About a month ago, I attended the GAFE Summit in Laguna Beach. For me, the greatest takeaway resulted from a short group activity, where the keynote speaker (the mindfulness guy) asked, “What do you want most for students?”

Happiness was the overwhelming response from the audience. If I remember right, over 80% of answers related to students’ happiness.

How does one measure happiness? I really don’t know, but I believe smiles relate to happiness, and I was happy that this Breakout Edu experience was able to produce so many smiles.



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One thought on “Smiles Matter, Right?

  • September 16, 2016 at 8:35 am

    Love this!!! In the midst of all the learning, if we were more mindful of students’ happiness, I think we would be more fulfilled when seeing smiles.


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