Show Your Work- 7 Gems from a Project Based Learning Training

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Photo from the book “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon

I made a commitment to myself to show my work more often.  Looking back at the archive of our work from the 20 Day Blogging Challenge has inspired me to try to share something small from my work everyday.  I find that if I don’t share, the days and moments meld together, time passes, and important learning can be forgotten.  Although the learning becomes a part of me, the specifics and the beauty of the process and the stories can become lost.  

Last week I went to a PBL training, and before time moves along, and those days meld together with the others, I would like to share some things that stood out to me from the 3 days I spent there.  As I worked with people from across the district to create a project, there were several moments of truth that aligned with my beliefs, intuition, and or experience.  My new team member Brad, helped me to work through the reason succinct explanations, quotes, stories, and research are so important for me in my personal learning journey–one of the great benefits of multiple minds.

One of my personal affirmations (part of my learner profile) is that I have a powerful intuition.  This is great for me and simultaneously very frustrating, because while I consider it a strength, my feeling is that it is useless unless I can share it with others. So quotes, stories, and research often give words and life to ideas I know to be true, but that I often have a hard time pinpointing or expressing.  Ironically, my affirmation and personal learning goal are interrelated.  My personal learning goal is to speak clearly and powerfully, given impromptu speaking opportunities about any aspect of my work in 21 century Learning.

So, when I am at a training and I hear a good quote or explanation for something that aligns with one of my inner truths, I find myself scribbling it down quickly in a notebook so that I can reflect on it.

The following are some ideas and insights that I wrote down that I felt are integral to understanding the premises upon which PBL is based.



  • Set the floor, rip off the ceiling


  • How do we get students to ask meaningful questions?


  • Classrooms are microcosms of society–they are great opportunities to disrupt status groups or reinforce them


  • If you feel a bit of discomfort, there’s a good chance you’re learning something


  • How is your learning changing the world around you?


  • “The belief that all genuine education comes about through experience does not mean that all experiences are genuinely or equally educative”   -John Dewey

Many of these ideas and insights came from either our facilitator Feroze, discussions within our groups, or PBL best practices.  The training was thought-provoking, and interesting and as I delve deeper into PBL and what it means for all learners, I don’t want to forget those a-ha moments along the way.

One thought on “Show Your Work- 7 Gems from a Project Based Learning Training

  • Wes
    January 21, 2017 at 12:02 am

    I love the photo gallery at the end – really reminds me of the PBL training time, the energy and momentum we all felt!


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