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I stayed up way too late watching hours of the Olympics, which I have stored up on my DVR. I found myself rooting against Ryan Lochte, which reveals how far I’m behind with the Olympics. When I finally retired for the evening, my 10 month old son woke me up, every hour! Now, my wife is awesome and just lets me sleep right through, but I did wake up with every single one of his tears, and that tends to make a man tired.

The morning arrived all too quickly, and off to work I went. I don’t even remember driving; I must have been half asleep. Turned out, I forgot my badge, so I couldn’t enter the building. I had to enter from the front. No big deal, right? But when you’re tired and annoyed, it’s just typical, of course I didn’t bring my badge and had to walk all the way to the front of the building. I should have caught some Pokemon, but of course, I didn’t think of that.

When I finally got to the office, the team welcomed me with the idea of redesigning our office space. Perfect, some good old manual labor with little to no sleep. It’s exactly what I wanted to do. Now, I’m all for redesigning spaces, but I was just so freaking tired.

So we began, but something changed. The transporting of Breakout EDU kits packaged up in their $1 IKEA bags from one office to the other wakes a man up. It was exercise; the blood started to flow, and the mind began to renew. I was suddenly awake; no, more than awake, I was alive.

We threw stuff away! Yes, what a feeling, throwing stuff away! We live in a digital world. Why keep that folder? Why keep that book? No reason to, so we chucked it; we chucked it all, and it was beautiful! Later, we decided to just get rid of the cabinet. Me and Wes were like, “Yeah, let’s get this thing outta here.”

Jessica was like, “But we could probably use it for all of this stuff.”

But we were like, “Good point, but let’s just get it outta here anyway. I think we’ll appreciate the extra space.”

Finally, we were finished. It was awesome; we cluttered up some other space so that our space wasn’t. It felt like a new 2016 Honda, purchased fresh from Norm Reeves, you know that smell.  Then, I recognized that I wasn’t tired at all, and I was ready to roll.

Long story short, my morning wasn’t half bad. Yeah, it started a bit rough, but I pulled through. It’s amazing what a little redesign can do for you. I’ll be honest, the hours that followed were some of those most productive we’ve had thus far, but that’s probably another post. If you’re feeling a bit tired today, perhaps it will be well worth it to redesign your workspace.

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