Productivity Proposal- 3 Things That Made the List

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We had a discussion in our office recently about productivity and the Pareto effect.  The Pareto effect is the idea that 80% of outputs come from 20% of inputs.  It has been proven to be true in many cases including science, business, mathematics, economics, and sales, among many others. One example from an article on the Pareto principle was that “20 percent of a given employee’s time yields 80 percent of their output.”  Based on this, we wanted to know which 20% of our time is the most productive, and also which things are not contributing much to our desired outcomes.  So we sat down, and began to identify the times when we thought that we were the most productive in the previous week, and 3 activities made the short list.

1. Design thinking:  We decided that this was a high value activity for us, and we will do it at times when energy levels are at their peaks, preferably Monday, early morning.  We are also going to do a mini-design thinking on team and capacity building each Wednesday to brainstorm ideas on building relationships with teachers, principals and students at different school sites.  We will make an action plan for the week within 24 hours based on our design thinking.

2. F.I.N.D. debrief/ end of the day check-in:  Coming together at the end of the day to debrief or check-in as a team is important for processing the day, hearing each other’s insights, and relationship building.  The I in F.I.N.D.  gives a time and space for feelings, and internal connections from the day, which can often be lacking in a work environment.

3. End of Week Results Share:  Every Friday, we will come together and share our results from the weeks actionable plan created by the design thinking exercise.  We will discuss what worked, what didn’t, what revisions might be made, and what we can help each other with. 

Today, we began implementing the productivity proposal, with a design thinking exercise based on building and growing our team at 21 Century Learning for Open Campus.  I am excited to meet again tomorrow to solidify an action plan based on the ideas we came up with today, and carry them out during the week.  More to come on Friday after our end of week results sharing! 

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