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We are currently creating content for teachers to use in Canvas for several courses, including Geometry.

From our design thinking exercise, we came up with some ideas. The following is a preview (in dark blue) of the lesson we will have packaged and ready for teachers to try on Friday:

Which Tutor Should I Hire?

Your friend has asked you to help her find a tutor for Geometry. Your friend’s mom is willing to pay the tutor 15$ an hour for the job. There are 3 possible tutors for you to hire, and they have submitted applications as well as videos of themselves tutoring another student.

Before you begin watching the videos, write down all of the qualities you will be looking for in the tutor to help your friend.

You will be watching the videos to see how well the tutor explains the following key questions

1. How do you create a design that has reflection symmetry?

2. How do you know that the design is symmetrical?

3. What is the line of symmetry, and can there be more than one?

After you watch each video, give a short yelp review about the tutor, and whether you would hire them for your friend and why.  

  • Use Marzano’s 4 point rubric below to help you with determining if the tutor adequately addressed each key question.
  • Then, write your review in complete sentences.  Use the qualities of a good tutor that you wrote down in your review to describe why or why not you would hire him or her.
  • Choose the best candidate, and tell us why you’ve chosen him or her

Now, you be the tutor, and upload a video of yourself addressing the 3 key questions from above. (You can actually tutor someone else, like a brother or sister, family member or friend in your video) You can choose any image you want from the internet for your demonstration of reflection symmetry or make your own. Please include examples and non-examples, and explain why.  

One of your peers will review your video and use the same criteria you used to choose a tutor for your friend.

Side note: (Students will be given a choice about which video to pick to watch first.  We will use the analytics to form a discussion like, 78% of the time, students chose student A’s video to watch first, why do you think that is? And then we will be able to use the analytics to talk about percentages, and statistics.)

Tomorrow we will be filming the videos for this lesson, and refining the lesson, as well as teacher rationale, and teacher directions for the packaging on Friday.

Let me know if you have any ideas, I would love to hear any suggestions or improvements!

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