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I shared my weekend progress with Wes this morning. I edited the footage of The Meme Moment jingle into a five minute documentary. Yes, mission accomplished! But it became mission continued. Wes challenged me to package the short documentary into a lesson that could be delivered to teachers by Friday. You know, I have ideas, and that’s great, but ideas don’t really go anywhere. Wes has that unique ability to make ideas actually walk. He suggested I use the video in such a way that would help students connect to the writing process. Since this lesson needs to be packaged and ready for use by Friday, I decided to take a very simple approach.

In the lesson, students will:

  1. Watch the The Meme Moment Documentary
  2. Engage in the FIND debrief of the documentary (with a twist, as the debrief will be facilitated using playing cards)
  3. Document and then share their own process (of anything of their choice).

Now, I still have some tweaks, and I’m interested in any of your suggestions. I promise to have it up in Canvas Commons by Friday.

Here’s a preview:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 3.23.08 PM

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