State of the Department #3 and 4 “How might we create a culture to do the best work of our lives?” -Suzanne Pellican

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As our team continues to grow, department culture is central to our discussion in State of the Department 3 & 4.  During these two weeks, new curriculum writers for English, Math, and Spanish have come aboard, and meetings with Biology and Geometry teachers are scheduled.  We also have teachers who are partnering with us in the creation of our hybrid courses by allowing us to come into their classrooms and capture the academic conversations, and social exchanges between students as well as teacher interactions with the class.  As we capture the social interactions, we plan to embed them into our hybrid courses so that students will have opportunities to see discussions around the content, interact, and be a part of a classroom experience.  


Although students will be communicating with one another in the hybrid environment through discussion boards, and through scheduled in person meetings, the classroom videos will add yet another dimension to the online portion of the class. The videos will give students a chance to peer into, critique, and follow students and teachers through their learning journey.  

So as our team continues to grow, we make it some of our most important business to create a culture that empowers people to do their best work.

Where we are:

  1. New Teachers on the Team (writers, designers, editors)
  2. Design Thinking Around Teacher Experience
  3. Supported by Team 21C–New teacher meeting, TIPS, Risk Tank with Villa, Live Show at McFadden, Principal Meeting, Math in Common D&I


  1. PE Hybrid Course at SAHS started (see picture below!)
  2. CRM Research
  3. Culture and Common Language

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