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As the new school year began, Mendez was heavy on my heart. I miss the students, the friendships, the 8th grade team, eating with the 2nd lunch crew, and the office staff who was always kind to me. Mendez was home, and I find myself looking for ways to visit my old school. In fact, just this week, we needed some wireless mics to improve the sound quality for a lesson in the Geometry hybrid course. I was eager to suggest I had a connection at Mendez who could help us get our hands on some mics. I was happy to go pick them up.

Nothing can replace the love I have for Mendez. At the same time, I truly love my new job in the 21st Century Learning department, and I love our team! It’s a pleasure to work with Jessica and Wes, and I’ve been so impressed with how natural it is to work with other departments as well. It’s clear to me that we are all here to support and care for one another. This working environment was a huge surprise! I look forward to working with new colleagues, forming new friendships, and finding ways to stay connected with those I no longer see on a regular basis.

I can’t put into words how touched I was earlier this week when I got an email, a phone call, and a text message inviting me to join the Mendez staff at BJ’s, Friday after work. I am so looking forward to seeing my friends again. 

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