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Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 12.45.45 AMA sticky notes from Wes is a dangerous thing. One particular note contained two items labeled jingles. The note related to our first 21st Century show tomorrow. You see, Wes thought it would be a great idea to have a few jingles to lead into the different segments we have of the show. He informed me that I would be doing this. Now, if you know a bit about me, I’m always singing. It’s not like he just asked me to write a jingle because he needed someone to write a jingle. No, he’s just been around me, and he wants to put my annoying habit of turning everything into a song to better use.  

Well all of this reminded me of the time I made a music video. Because of the FIND debrief that we keep writing about on this blog, I felt I had enough confidence to share this music video with the team. When the video started, I realized that the office door was wide open. I turned around and immediately shut it. Then, I thought to myself, “Why did I do that?”

We want our students to be vulnerable and share their process, yet I just closed the door sending a message that I don’t want anyone else to come in. Where was my vulnerability? I decided to reopen the door. Suddenly, there stood Jason, right at the door. I thought, “Oh well, no turning back now.” The music video played on and on, what seemed like forever.

When the video finally ended, everyone laughed and had encouraging words to say, and that made me feel good. I felt even more welcomed into this new environment at the district office.

I knew then that I needed to write this jingle for tomorrow’s show. So when I got home from date night, which was at Jo-Ann’s (the fabric store), I decided to do something even more vulnerable than just leaving the door open. I decided to document the very raw process of writing this jingle from start to finish. Why? So students can see how much time it takes, how terrible the beginning stages are, and how fun you can make it. Now, of course this isn’t the only way to write a jingle, and yes, I’m aware the final product isn’t destined to top the charts. However, there’s no denying the last take isn’t better than the first.

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