Redesigning Spaces

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IMG_0154“Wonderful office space” were their first words.  “This is the cool room,” Shannon from Discovery Education said.  Yes!  I thought, that’s what we’re going for, the cool room.  On my first day, we refreshed the space by moving things out, and separating the desks to almost give a Starbucks feel.  Even that day, we felt refreshed every time we walked back into the room.  I started thinking a lot more about this when I went to a Breakout session this summer, and Wes did a reflection where all participants get into a large circle and do the FIND protocol.  My first thought was, why can’t we sit in large circles in the classroom?  There’s no rule that says we can’t.  And then I saw the Curation By Design Institute given by the Technology Innovation Services Department at the district for Administrators and Managers, and I knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of.  The purpose of the training was to have administrators start thinking about the “redesign areas of their campuses or their offices to create more inviting, technologically-enhanced, collaborative, and functional spaces for both students and staff.”  I feel like we did that on Friday, we created a space that was more inviting and outside visitors took notice of the space as a “cool” place to be.

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