McFadden Students Learning the New Equipment

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We were given some new equipment by the TIS Department, (thanks again TIS!) and McFadden students jumped right in, and began learning how to use it on Friday.  They listened intently, tried it out for themselves, and were invaluable in the live show’s execution. In the pictures, you will see Meleane learning how to display slides into the live stream, David experimenting with different lighting placement, and Steven checking out how the live stream looks through the monitors.

We are so glad they were there, because these students made Live Show #4 possible!  The end goal is to have them run the show completely on their own, and ultimately teach other students to do the same.  They are also going to be given opportunities to apply their new skills by broadcasting high school sports games.  I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the ways they will apply their new skills!



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