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Hi there! I’m Dr. Betina Hsieh.  My day job is an assistant professor at Cal State Long Beach in the Teacher Education department. But, every so I often I get to do fun guest blogs for my friends, like Wes and his colleagues at the SAUSD 21st Century Learning team. I also blog and tweet often so I’m rarely far away from a screen.

But, WHY am I rarely far from a screen?


Well, it’s because of my belief in making my practice public.  As an educator and a teacher educator, I believe that one of our greatest resources is community.  I am learning all the time from my students (and their communities), my professional learning network and from my personal community (teacher & parent friends and family).

Learning From:

Here are a couple of resources I’ve found interesting recently:

Learning About:

And, it’s not just about learning from, it’s also learning about.  Last week was my first week of class, and I spent some time community building and helping students find out about one another:

As well as assessing prior knowledge about our course topics:

Learning With/ Contributing To: 

Finally, I share what’s going on in my classroom as a way of contributing back to my students (so they remember what we did) and my community:

I use my blog and twitter to go public, but there are other ways as well. What’s important to me is breaking up the isolation that so often comes in teaching. The internet can allow for us to expand community, rather than to hide behind our screens.  Let’s use our powers for good and contribute to one another.

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