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My goal for today was to meet with the ALA Data Project team and continue the conversation about the Personalized Learning Plan for the ALA Students.

Goal accomplished: Met with team (Mark, David, Tori, Ricky, Viet, and Peggy)     Next meeting: Thursday, January 7, 2016

Learning Outcomes:

  • Viet and Ricky are asking for current data and more data points from Lexia (data was not granular enough)
  • David is creating the prototype for Google App (with Mark)
  • Outlined the app structure for data collection, analysis, learning targets, dashboard, and playlist
  • I will follow up with Tori with the Khan Academy contact
  • Confirmed James’ role: he will explore if Aeries Gradebook can serve as a dashboard.
  •  Shared Google email about makers and managers. The consensus of the group (all are makers!)
  • Target date to share Prototype – January 14, 2016.
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