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For some reason, I have spent a fair amount of time talking about magic these past few weeks. Granted, I am no expert in magic and produce very few tricks worthy of attention. But, I do understand the concept and appreciate when I see it play out in front of me. It is not the far-fetched sleight of hand tricks that impress me most. I am drawn to the moments where things appear that were not there before – the kind of magic that I observe when witnessing a person discover a new aspect of themselves and how others assist in that revelation.  This is the magic found in classrooms, on practice fields, or in a performance where a child reaches further than they thought possible or achieves a feat thought outside of their reach.  If you look closely as the magical event happens, you will find something special nearby.  In many, if not all of the situations, teachers and other educators are the common denominator. Sure, they may have taken on other roles (coach, mentor, director, friend), but they are always there either in person or in spirit.


In the past week, I watched magic happen when a college student lost a scholarship and a principal pulled resources from around the city to make sure they got back to school without the fear of debt hanging over their head. I also saw magic in a kinder classroom as a child “discovered” a new color in a crayon box. Her teacher joyfully congratulated her on the discovery and inquired about her name for the color. Then there was a student on a panel who brought his little brother to make a point that would live on in the hearts of 200 school leaders long after the panel concluded. And finally, I saw magic in a moment when that same young child surrendered his hero brother to another year at college, but was able to commit to doing well in class even when he is sad (those were some big alligator tears). In each case, a caring adult was there to mentor them into unknown territory.  Which gets me to my point. You are magical! I just wanted you to know that I believe that…and in you.

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