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Rethinking learning spaces in the SAUSD is a reality I was unaware of until I came on as a TOSA for the 21st Century Learning department, and now I know it’s progressing even further. Rather than students attending high school just on their campuses, imagine the the opportunity to learn right in the middle of the community, around local businesses, gaining real experience and relevant connections.

Today, I had the privilege to take part in a walk-through of a potential learning space. We looked at a space on Main Street, which is located directly below a law firm. The SAUSD would potentially partner with the city of Santa Ana to build an urban technology center, essentially making the space available for tech startup companies. Within this center would be a space for students to work on projects right next to those who are currently working in the industry, potentially making connections which may benefit them now and in the future. I don’t understand right now how all of this will potentially come together, but it was certainly exciting to see such an aggressive approach to keep learning for our students relevant in Santa Ana.

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