Laurette Setlich, Flourishing in the Flood

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Last week, I had the privilege to hear from Laurette Setlich. As she shared her experience with building Biology content for the hybrid course, she told a story about a flood, where she and her students lost access to the science lab.

Laurette, already looking for an opportunity to incorporate meaningful use of technology found this flood the perfect moment to dive in. She explored her online options and found a standing point on CK-12, which is a robust library of online learning tools. Laurette found a way, slowly and deliberately, as she explored her options with CK-12. Ultimately, she reclaimed and re-invented her learning environment with online flexible textbooks, shared annotation tools, adaptive assessments, and access to connected experts. And now, the waters have settled, and she and her students are back in the classroom. Laurette finds herself holding on to these useful online tools, using them to enhance the learning environment.

As I reflected on my time hearing from this passionate teacher, I thought about the value of connecting content through stories. I’ve had many encounters and discussions about CK-12, but hearing this personal encounter made all the difference. Simply put, Laurette captured my attention, all the while delivering the critical content. It was masterful! Until it becomes habit, I need to continually look for ways to connect powerful stories with content. Thank you, Laurette, for your example.  

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