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I had a wonderful meeting with the LIT (Learning Innovation with Technology) department today. The question: How do we increase users in Canvas? The consensus: invest in the best. LIT along with the 21st Century Learning department will be recruiting expert Canvas users who have the unique ability to empower others. It’s one thing to have the skill, but it’s quite something else to communicate effectively with others.

Sure, it’s necessary to offer training to district employees, but let’s be honest, it’s not like people are flocking to sign up for these training sessions. Therefore, we have to meet people where they are, at their sites. If we can find that perfect person to become the ambassador of Canvas at their site, we can do far more for our students than to just offer routine training sessions. Now don’t quote me, but I believe the idea is to empower these Canvas experts to create their own learning experiences for those at their sites, and that they will be paid to do so. That sounds like an excellent opportunity to me! I love the commitment to invest in these power users.

It was an awesome meeting, and I walked away feeling extremely confident in Stacy, David, and Alex, as they lead this effort with empowering more uses in the Canvas LMS, and I’m privileged that they are including the 21st Century Learning department as part of the brainstorming process. Here’s to a healthy kick off with Canvas in the 2016-2017 school year. 

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