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Today I went to one of my favorite places, Santa Ana High School. I went to meet with a counselor to discuss our hybrid learning opportunities, and while I was there I also go to be part of a scrum meeting for the SanArts conservatory, where I got to hear about some of the ways they plan to showcase the program.  I also got to  talk with some of the best music teachers in town, Mr. De Los Santos, and Mr Kay, and speak to one of their classes about some of the hybrid courses we are offering through our Open Campus.

The most interesting thing from today was being able to meet the students who we are trying to serve with the hybrid classes.  What we really want to do is provide flexibility and options for students who need space in their schedules to pursue their interests.  Meeting those students face to face today and hearing their stories was motivating and helped me to understand even more why providing these options is so important.  One student who came to this country last year as a ninth grader was placed into all EL classes and didn’t get to take music, but Mr. Kay said that he showed up everyday anyway after school to learn violin.  This year, there is a Conservatory, and the student still cannot take the class because he doesn’t have space in his schedule.  Mr. Kay says that he writes and performs his own music, and that he is one of the best.  We were able to meet several students with similar stories.  I think it was especially helpful to get to the sites and speak to the students directly, listen, and see the students who need and will be affected by the work that we will be doing in the hybrid courses.

Currently, we are offering Biology, P.E., ERWC, A.P. MacroEconomics, and A.P. U.S.Government, and we are actively working on the creation of Geometry and English courses.  For Geometry, last week we visited and recorded a Geometry class at Godinez High School, and today we used the design thinking process to brainstorm ways to incorporate some of the social interaction we saw in the class into the online environment. 

By Friday, I will have a lesson from today’s design thinking up in canvas and ready for teacher use, and my team will also generate lessons inspired from this past week of work.  I am excited to see the products that will be produced, and even more excited to see them being used by the students I met today.

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