Halfway There!

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This week, my memes are based on a quote from Wes’s post “20 Day Challenge Update: Almost Halfway There.”

He wrote, “We are always only halfway to our destination…and we are always on the bridge between going forward and turning back.”

The 20 day challenge started just about 2 weeks ago, with the idea that as a team, we would do 8-12 blog posts per day.  We have 3 people on our team, so it works out to about 3 per person a day.   Every time I posted one, I would wonder if I was really going to do another–then I would.  It has been like that every day.  Little by little, moment by moment our team decides to continue with the challenge.

So now, after a series of daily decisions to just keep at it, we are at the halfway point.  Sometimes the halfway point can be the hardest place to be.  Even though we are as close to the beginning as we are to the end, I am excited to continue forward day by day, and see what lies ahead!

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