F.I.N.D. Process in Action

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I am going to demonstrate the F.I.N.D.  reflection process for my last 24 hours, and if anyone would like to share their last 24 hours using the F.I.N.D. reflection process, I would love to hear about it!! Share with me in the comments below.  More details about F.I.N.D.

Okay, so here goes:

F:  A fact from the last 24 hours, something that could have been captured in a picture, or a recording

We did a stand-up scrum productivity meeting this morning at 8:00am in the TIS Flex Lab 125.  Bryan Davis, Nereida Prado, Wes Kreisel, and Salvador Tinajero were there.

I: Internal connection or Memory

I felt really satisfied when I figured out how to embed a facebook post into WordPress using coding.  (I basically just watched the youtube video, and copied what they did.) Here’s a link to the youtube video in case your interested 🙂

N: New Ideas from the last 24 Hours

Although some of the pre-conference open-ended questions Wes was asking me about our visit to Godinez tomorrow were at times difficult to answer, they were invaluable in helping me to hone in on my vision for tomorrow.  I am so grateful to have people around me that strive for clarity and excellence in what we do. Read more about what were doing tomorrow by checking out this blog post

D: Decision, something you are committed to doing over the next 24 hours because of our work together today

Something I commit to do is to completely own the “director” role in our visit to Godinez tomorrow, and to communicate my vision for the visit confidently, and clearly.

One thought on “F.I.N.D. Process in Action

  • wes
    August 25, 2016 at 1:31 am

    Thanks for including the link to the article on how scrum has helped others; that’s a good resource to help clarify what scrum is!


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