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On my way to a counselor’s meeting at Santa Ana High School today, I saw Heninger’s principal Bill Skelly, and he introduced me to some of the teachers, and showed me their awesome learning spaces.  Mrs. Rodriguez’s Algebra class had several seating options for students, including areas for groups to work at tables of 4, or a conference arrangement with multiple students, and even on the floor on a rug with some large pillows and a lap desk.  At some of the table groups, instead of seats, she has crates flipped upside down with pillows on the top.  It’s a super cute and cost effective way to give different seating options! I was really inspired by her learning space, and would love to go back to see how students navigate the room. On a side note, Mrs. Rodriguez was a former Santa Ana High School student, how cool is that?!

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Mr. Skelly also showed me Mrs. Wheatley’s Room, a social studies teacher, who has seating at different levels from the ground, as well as a V.I.P. table, and a corner area with cushioned seating around a small table almost like a coffee table.



You can really tell that these teachers put a lot of thought into making these spaces inviting, and student choice.  Thank you Heninger for showing me your classrooms, and I can’t wait to come back and see how students interact in the space!

After that, and my meeting with the counseling office, I ran into the Halo Tutoring Team, and Jessica Ochoa just happened to mention wanting to re-design the tutoring space in the library to include beanbags, and different seating options.  Go Halo Tutoring Shop!!  Lots of great ideas and discussion today about learning spaces for students!



2 thoughts on “Check out the Learning Spaces at Heninger!

  • September 1, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    Thank you Wes for sharing!

    Jessica Salcedo, it was a pleasure running into you at the counseling center over at Santa Ana High School and hearing about all the great work that is taking place with Team 21stC. Ideas were spinning in my head (as we were conversing), on how we, the HALO’s Saints Extended Learning Program can “refresh” our program for our students, giving it a “21stC twist and experience”. One of many ideas that came to mind was creating a tutoring setting that is not your traditional seating (tables and chairs) but rather having a “restorative circle style” where students bounce ideas off of each, such as sharing content knowledge, challenges and solutions to a subject with the support of a tutor to facilitate conversations, support in understanding and mastering content knowledge.

    The idea of “refreshing the space and learning environment” brings a new innovated twist to learning for our students, gearing away from the “traditional” classroom setting. Also the hybrid learning opportunities for our students and the support flexibility towards their pathways. I feel the work Team 21stC is doing is fantastic!! I look forward to hearing and reading about the great work you all are doing through your team blogs and in conversations.

  • September 2, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    +1 for common vocabulary – “restorative circle style”
    Love it!


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