Campfires at Work

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I have fond memories of being with my friends around a campfire. We would talk about anything and everything. Usually, it started with dumb jokes and sarcastic comments, and then suddenly, it would become something that was truly meaningful. As we were engaged and even enthralled with each others’ thoughts, it was clear that we genuinely cared for, valued, and loved one another. The campfire provided the time and the space to share, and I thank God for the memories I have around those campfires.

My last staff meeting reminded me of these campfires. At this meeting, rather than focusing on objectives and results, the priority was on feelings and insights. Yes, real feelings and emotions, at work. Now, this meeting wasn’t like a huge psychological breakthrough or anything, it was just an intentional effort to allow team members to share. This space made me feel like I was a valued member of the team. Even better, it wasn’t just me; others openly shared, and all seemed comfortable doing so. Too often, times like these aren’t given a chance, as there just isn’t enough of an intentional effort to make these times a priority.

I mentioned earlier that we also shared insights, but the insights came after the feelings, and I’m in awe of the conversations that followed. The natural progression of the conversation lead the way to valuable insights that ignited clear passion about what we do at work. It truly felt like a family campfire. I’m so thankful for a boss with an intentional commitment to providing this opportunity to share. There’s nothing like the warmth provided by the people around you, and I look forward to the next campfire in the workplace!

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