Building A Team — State of the Department #2

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What is the meaning of Team?
The State of the Department #2, on September 16 was centered around team.  We were a team of 4 for just 4 weeks and in the attached Thinglink presentation, I used the analogy of a soccer team to relate passing, scoring, and working together to our team in the 21 Century Learning Department.  There is a soccer video in the presentation where purposeful passing, quick position adjustments, as well as synchronized movements are seen, which ultimately lead to a game-winning goal.  That is how I see our team.  That week we focused on the mindset, the culture, and gaining an understanding of the unique positions of all of the players on our team.  Ultimately, knowing our team allows us to use each team members’ strengths and passions to score game-winning goals as we serve students, teachers, and the district in the 21 Century Learning Department.

In the State of the Department, we focus weekly on where we are and where we are going, so I will give a brief description of topics covered in the State of the Department #2 on September 16.   For more information on each of the topics, just click on one, and it will take you to a blogpost that describes it in more detail.

Week of September 16

Where we are:

  1. Making Connections
  2. Building Community
  3. Personalized Professional Learning


  1. Microhacks
  2. RBI’s or Rythmic Bytes of Instruction





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