Bring F.I.N.D. to Your Classroom

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Simply put, I believe in F.I.N.D., and I’d love to help anyone bring this debrief protocol to the classroom. We mention F.I.N.D. quite often on this blog, but here is a quick reminder.

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 12.13.30 AM

I used the Meme Moment documentary as part of a mini-module called “Document the Process,” which is currently in the Canvas Commons. Notice below that Step 2 calls for the F.I.N.D. debrief. This would be a ready to use lesson that would allow you to explore the use of F.I.N.D. Ultimately, the hope is that students would own and be comfortable with their unique learning process. It could be a great way to start a new unit. If you do choose to implement this module, I certainly would love and appreciate any feedback on how the lesson may have worked or not.

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