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Off and Running

To be quite honest, it’s difficult to come back to work when you’ve had three weeks and a day off. However, this last sentence reminds me of what my father-in-law so often informs me, “Some folks work all year.” So with that, I sure am thankful to have a job with so much off time built into the calendar, and I’m extremely excited to be back!

Yesterday, Wes organized most of the science team to meet at Century High School to share and reflect on some of the content writers’ work, particularly Biology. Josh Gagnier, a Biology and Chemistry writer, was hitting on all cylinders, as he presented his gamified, self-directed Biology course. I’ll just share some of the feedback: My small group agreed that we would have loved the opportunity to be in his course, others shared how impressed they were with his ability to incorporate a narrative into the curriculum, while at the same time connecting the elements so tightly with the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), and others shared how confident they were in the products the team was building. It was a very productive meeting, and I left knowing that our students are lucky to have such creative, innovative, and passionate teachers.

Despite my father-in-law’s pointed reminders that most people work all year, I still struggle with coming back to work after the long break, but yesterday was a great way to start; the day just felt good, and I’m looking forward to the great things to come in 2017.

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