The Secret of Life

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A baseball coach once told me to do one thing well and forget the rest. He told me that I needed to stop thinking so much and just hit the ball hard somewhere. It made sense to me then, and it makes  sense to me now. I guess I’ve been in tune with the all important “one thing” ever since I saw the movie City Slickers back ‘91. I was 14 then, and it changed my life, and I’m quite certain it can change yours too.

Here’s a clip, but be warned as the clip is a little PG-13, which was fine for me in ‘91.

I want to do one thing well, trusting that in doing so, (I’ll revise a bit) all else will fall into place. Here’s my one thing: Listen to students. At any moment, a student’s feelings may change, tears may fall, or trust may be lost, so I pray that I’ll remember to just, listen.

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